Alyssa Carson At 20, she becomes the first person on Mars

Alyssa Carson At 20, she becomes the first person on Mars

“It was an interest I had when I was a father remembers …”

Her name is Alyssa Carson .. You and I are just normal human beings .. but on the one hand the world now calls her “20 year old brave girl”

At the age of 16, she graduated from the Higher Space Academy. (She was the youngest then.)

Now the latest news about her is that she is getting ready to walk on Mars in 2033. (Some say it could be a never-ending journey.)

It has already been mentioned that this journey will take place “permanently”.

“I first became interested in space when I was a child, and my dad remembers how I became interested in them. Studying astronomy is not an easy task.

This is Alyssa Carson, a 20 – year – old American woman. She is ready to be the first human to travel from Mars to Earth, but she will never return to Earth.

Reasons why she did not return to Earth,

She is going to Mars to investigate the settlement project. Landing and landing can cause a variety of problems (for example, a landing plane can explode.

She is also being sent there for long-term investigations. It is possible to go further, but no technological capability has yet been found.

We wish her success in building the new world and wish her luck in advancing technology and returning to Earth.

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