Has TV Derana YouTube channel been hacked?

Has TV Derana YouTube channel been hacked?

The YouTube channel ‘TV Derana’, a YouTube channel owned by Derana, a popular TV channel in Sri Lanka, has been captured by an unidentified person this afternoon.

Derana chairman Dilith Jayaweera has confirmed this in a post on his official Facebook page.

In addition, Sajeeva Dissanayake, a leading social media analyst in Greece, had posted a Facebook message confirming this as follows.

They have changed the logo and description of the channel and are broadcasting a live program about cryptocurrency on the channel to its 3 million viewers.

Currently, the TV channel “TV Derana” has been renamed as Crypto News and it is reported that Derana has teamed up with YouTube to restore the channel.

Also a fast spreading news was that this was done through a stream key. But there is no way to change the name of a YouTube channel with a stream key, and the news that spreads like that is false news.

August 30, 2021 – TVDerana team restores YouTube channel.

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