Here are 5 things to do when angry

Here are 5 things to do when angry

Anger is not normal. It is common not only to humans but also to animals. But we all make mistakes because we can’t control our anger.

This anger can lead us to ugly, manna, bullets. So it is important to control your anger.

There are some people who get angry at any time but can control it very quickly, and those who are not often do things that come to mind in anger. Some even try to take their own lives. They are very sensitive people.

With this state of mind called anger, our mind makes decisions based on factors such as the hormonal activity of the body and blood pressure. So we can control our anger.

Suppose you read this article and you are always angry chicken pox. How often do you overlook this golden stream to the well? So do these things instead of getting angry one by one.

Breathe well

This is not just breathing. Control your speech as soon as you feel angry. Then go to another comfortable quiet place and sit for a while.

Sit down and take a deep breath, take a deep breath. Remember to do this very slowly and with restraint. In the meantime, forget about the things that made you angry. Instead, think of these as actions that you must take on a regular basis to remember the happiest day of your life and when you breathe a sigh of relief.


It is best to move away from the place where the anger or impulse occurred. Go a long way without a bit of aim. Remember not to take your cell phone out of your pocket. Take a short walk on the road or in the light environment of a park.

The body relaxes with walking. Blood circulation is very good. Blood pressure does not increase unnecessarily. As you focus on your journey and what you see around you, the anger that has been in your mind for a while will pass you by a long way.


This is a universally accepted system. In Western psychology, this is also known as laughter therapy. Smile well when angry. Go to a place where there is no one and laugh at the tone.

Laughter is something that brings lightness to the body and happiness to the mind. Laughter stimulates the cells of the body. They begin to act positively. Then the abnormal anger in the body disappears.


If you can, go to a place where your pet cat, dog or other animal is at a time like this and pet it a bit. Or talk to a small child and see the child’s genuine smile. It is a great relief.

Many people keep pets and young children fall in love here with the mental freedom that comes from being a pet. That mental freedom can make your anger disappear instantly.

listen to music.

This is something I have personally done for a long time. I usually wear a headset when I am angry and listen to the very sweet and meditative music of Korean pianist Yiruma. It’s really amazing.

You can listen to a song you like, it’s better if it is a simple and slow song. Or if you can listen to a beautiful violin orchestra. But if you can hear the sound of water flowing and the sound of rain, you can feel great freedom.

Even when you can’t actually hear these, you can now listen to phonetic apps for cell phones. So it is very easy for you.

Try these things. You really can’t control your anger. These are the things that millions of people have tried for a long time and got successful results

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