Orphan : First kill 2022

Orphan : First kill 2022

• 6/10 IMDb

• Horror / Thriller – 1h 39m

First of all, if anyone is thinking of watching this, first watch the first movie, orphan, which came out in 2009. Because if you watch 2022 and then watch the 2009 movie, it might spoil it…

The movie Orphan, which was screened in 2009, exceeded the IMDb index that usually gets a movie in the horror/thriller genre and got a value of 7.0. 13 years after this movie, this is a prequel, orphan; The first kill is coming.. Some people were hoping that there will be a sequel..

Those who watched 2009 probably know that Esther is a person who escaped from a mental hospital and later lived with a family and destroyed that family. So this story is about Esther’s story before the 2009 story.

The basic characteristics of Esther’s character such as planning, finding things related to the plan and implementing the plan can also be seen here.

Like the previous film, this is a great film where you can get a mind blowing experience.


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