Sita Ramam 2022

Sita Ramam 2022

*⭐Love is something that we all feel. Sometimes in life, love makes us helpless and makes us stronger. Today we are going to tell a little introduction about such a beautiful love story.*

*⭐Sita Ramam is the latest love story in Telugu cinema. A collection of events with many fateful events that are more than a love story. Sita Ramam is a strange love story that makes some people think and makes some people think.*

*⭐Ram (Zulkar Salman), an orphan Indian army lieutenant, receives letters from all over the country due to an incident. Meanwhile, due to a strange letter, Ram’s heart is strongly drawn to that letter because of the details and the name of the letter. Sita Mahalakshmi (Mrunal Thakur) ) Ram searches for who it is. He writes replies to the letters that come to him every day from Kashmir. In the meantime, the letters that come decrease after a while, but Mahalakshmi thinks about it and starts writing letters to Ram. There are Pakistani and Indian armies and how will the rift affect this love story?*

*⭐This story, which belongs to the categories of Romance/Historical drama, has got a value of 8.6/10 on Imbd. You will understand that it is not just a love story.

*⭐Despite being a romance story, the way the film flows with curiosity throughout the entire film till the end is amazing. Its wide range of languages ​​is like a meditation, and there are some stories that touch the heart. There are not two stories, this is a must watch movie👍😎👌*

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