Common Mistakes When Charging Mobile Phones

Common Mistakes When Charging Mobile Phones

Although there are many modern electronic devices today, it is not the advanced technology in them but the way we use them that affects their durability. Even high-quality, high-tech equipment can be short-lived and break down if we do not use it properly. So in this way the mobile phone is a common tool by which we can determine the lifespan ourselves. The way we charge or charge a cell phone affects our safety as well as the battery life of the phone and the electricity bill of the house. So in this article we wanted to make you aware of ten common mistakes that many people make when charging their mobile phones.

  1. Do not remove the mobile phone charger from the socket.

Many people leave the phone’s charger in the socket even when they are not using it. This is a very inappropriate thing. This is because even when the phone is not connected, the charger continues to pump out electricity, which is not good for your electricity bill. Also, when it is on for a long time, its temperature rises and something nearby can catch fire or even become short (humid) when the room humidity rises. Therefore, remove the charger from the socket every time you do not use it.

  1. Charge the battery 100%.

Although many people try to charge the battery to the maximum capacity whenever they can, this can quickly shorten the battery life. This is because any battery usually has a specific number of rounds that can be charged, and if you charge it frequently to the maximum, that number of rounds will run out quickly. Therefore, it is not necessary to charge the battery 100% at all times. Try to keep the battery capacity between 20% – 80% on average, charging 100% once a month.

  1. Allow the battery to charge up to 0%.

Many people try to charge the battery only after its capacity drops to zero. This is very unfortunate. As we said earlier, today’s lithium-based cell phone batteries run on a fixed number of rounds. So you keep it at full capacity until it drops to zero, which gradually reduces the battery life step by step.

  1. Allow the cell phone to charge overnight.

Most people go to bed at night leaving their cell phone charged so they can use it the next morning. As a result, it usually takes 4 to 5 hours to fully charge a cell phone. As a result, the battery’s charging circuit as well as electricity is wasted. Also, overheating of the mobile phone due to overcharging can adversely affect it.

  1. Using the mobile phone while it is charging.

Using the cell phone while it is charging will cause the battery to power on and off at the same time. Having to do two actions at once can have a detrimental effect on the battery. It is a major cause of reduced battery life. If you need to engage in an emergency telephone conversation, unplug the phone at that moment, end the conversation, and allow it to recharge. It is also not safe for you to hold the phone to your ear or engage in other activities while it is being powered on.

  1. Charging the mobile phone unnecessarily.

Most people have a cell phone capacity of 20%, 50% or 70% but sometimes they try to charge it. Frequent unnecessary charging of the mobile phone is a reason to greatly reduce the battery life. So be sure to charge it only when needed. This means charging it only when the battery capacity is more than 5% and less than 20%.

  1. When charging the mobile phone while charging it with the back cover.

Overheating is the biggest enemy of cell phone battery life. This allows the charge to be trapped inside the back cover by allowing it to charge. It can adversely affect not only the battery but also other devices inside the mobile phone. Therefore, when charging it, be sure to remove the back cover and connect it to the mains.

  1. Using other chargers.

Every mobile phone comes with a specific charger that comes with it, and there are times when using a different brand of charger or a charger of the same brand but for a different model will supply more or less the amount of electricity the battery needs. This can cause the cell phone to charge too slowly or overheat. Because of this, the most suitable charger for your mobile phone is the one you got when you bought it. If you break or lose it by hand, you will need to purchase a charger that is the same model.

  1. Use of unknown applications (Applications / Apps).

You can monitor the battery performance of your mobile phone with various downloadable battery capacity saving and battery enhancing applications (Battery saver / booster apps) but you need to know exactly what you are using. Using enhanced applications from unknown sources can damage the mobile phone as well as unnecessarily add advertisements to the mobile phone. Therefore, applications made only by well-known and trusted designers should be used.

  1. Connect and charge the laptop.

You often use a laptop to charge your cell phone while you work. But it does charge the phone longer than usual and is not very battery friendly. Therefore, it is best to charge the phone using your charger through a socket attached to the wall.

If there is anything else you know about this, please share that knowledge in a comment.

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