Financial Freedom

Financial Freedom

Many people think that financial freedom means having enough money to pay for everything in the world. But the financial freedom I see can be obtained without even a penny in hand. Financial Independence is more appropriate than Financial Freedom.

True financial freedom comes not on the day we have enough money, but on the day we can stop doing things we don’t like for money. The day we can reluctantly leave a job or business to make money, not the day we have the money to buy the best things in the world, the day we have the money to be able to buy what we really want without the burden on our heads. Not the day we go to a place we love with the money we earn, but the day we are able to earn money while we’ve always been at a place we love.

Financial Freedom is different. Some people need a lot of money for it and some people can go there without it. So find out what financial freedom you really want. Then work for it. Do not procrastinate living for any reason, think of living happily with what you have every day from waking up in the morning without planning to be happy after finishing all the possibilities or retire at 55 years old. While living like that, think about the things that need to be done in the future and work on them. If you do, you will never look back and grieve.

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