Huawei Maps vs. Google Maps

Huawei Maps vs. Google Maps

Losing contact with Google Mobile Services and other major companies in the face of US sanctions has prompted Huawei to focus on developing its own mobile OS and app.

Due to these restrictions, Huawei’s smart phones will not be able to access Google Mobile Services as well as Google Maps. Many of the services built on Maps include apps such as Ride Hailing (UBER), which poses a serious threat to Huawei’s new smartphones.

huawei Petal Maps The Chinese huawei company is the answer to this. Huawei Petal Maps have been released in 140 countries, including China, and are currently available for EMUI 11 supported P40, Mate 30 and Mate 40 phones.

Petal Maps has already been released with features that can compete with Google Maps, but is not yet stable. With navigation support, Google Maps can be used to get directions as well. Also, the Google Maps interface is designed in the same way, so there are less things to customize when using it.

Google Maps is being replaced by Huawei devices, and its popularity is expected to decline through the decline, and if released to the Google Play Store, it could become a popular app to replace Google Maps with more usage.

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