Shape shifting Malware Information about one is revealed

Shape shifting Malware Information about one is revealed

Microsoft has revealed information about a shape shifting malware that steals information through a web browser.

The pattern here is to enter into web browsers with large user bases such as Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome through methods such as Ads and install as a browser addon when the user clicks and steal user information through it.

Although the technical information is complex, Adrozek Malware enters the user’s web browser through a few simple tricks to gain access to the most commonly used browsers, such as Location, Passwords, and add ads to search results via Malicious Scripts – (Dynamic Link Libraries) DLL The Microsoft 365 Defender Research team reports that this will change the security controls of the browser.

The Microsoft 365 Research Team says that keeping Microsoft Defender Antivirus in Windows 10 up to date and on is enough to get rid of these Adrozek Attacks. However, avoiding things like clicking on unwanted ads also helps to avoid the risk of falling victim to such malware attacks.

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