The nature of psychology

The nature of psychology

It is no secret that the Times has made great efforts to understand the human mind since ancient times. Great geses, such as Pythagoras, Plato, and Aristotle, who lived in the early Greek period of Western philosophy, referred to the soul in addition to the physical process and the mental process that influences it. In fact, they used the word soul instead of the word mind and it has now changed to mind.

Industrial psychology is the science that affects our lives more than the many changes that have taken place in the world since the Industrial Revolution. ”Professor Eisenhower H. J. Psychology is the study of every aspect and every aspect of our lives. As society becomes more complex today, psychology is increasingly gaining recognition as a subject that helps to solve human problems. Its role as an antidote is to expand the role of psychology and its scope. Man-centered problems are more than any other problem in the world. Therefore, psychology, a science that studies human problems and human behavior, needs to be studied in complex new fields.

What are the ways children can be raised to become successful adults? How to save people from mental illness? What is the effect of drugs on memory and intellectual development? What is the best course of action to stop smoking? To what extent do television fight scenes affect the behavior of teenagers? How should teaching methods be adjusted so that more results can be obtained? Modern psychologists conduct research on many human issues in various fields, such as yin.

As the new knowledge discovered by psychological experiments spreads, its results are used in various ways in shaping human lives. It also takes into account the psychological aspects of offending offenders, the limitations of the potential for sexual misconduct, and relevant changes in the profession. Television authorities have taken steps to prevent their children from watching television, especially after psychologists reasonably expose how horror scenes and fight scenes affect the behavior of children as well as adults.

As seen in this way, psychology is connected in different ways to the lives of all of us. That’s why it’s important for everyone to have some understanding of psychology in order to shape their lives meaningfully. Using the theories and principles put forward by psychologists on how human behavior can be shaped, different advertising agencies use different strategies to market products. To understand these, it is beneficial for everyone to have a basic understanding of psychology, to buy what others want, not what they want, and to understand meaningfully what is published in newspaper articles. In short, it is useful for all of us to have an understanding of psychological testing and its consequences. In short, it is important that we all have an understanding of psychological research and its consequences. Psychology has the potential to direct work to any other subject to make our lives more successful and meaningful.

The main reason for the development of psychology as a science was the use of scientific methods. Due to its application to psychology, the methodology of science became an accepted science. Therefore, it can be said that some writers were interested in introducing psychology as a behavioral science.

Definition of Psychology

It must be said that psychology today is not just a textbook. It is clear from the scientific research done by many psychologists that it provides new knowledge.

Although psychology is widely used, there is some controversy as to what it means. The term “psychology” is commonly used to refer to the science of manipulation in which every human thought can be defined as a function. But when studying psychology as a scientific study, a more accurate definition must be developed.

The subject name Psychology is what we call psychology in English from the Greek word psycho, which means “soul”. Later, when the concept of the soul collapsed, it became known as the ‘science of the mind’.

With the new development of psychology, the definitions given to the subject of psychology also gradually changed. Psychology has been interpreted differently over the past 75 years or so. Although early psychologists defined the subject as a study of mental functioning, with the development of the behavioral school their focus shifted to externally objectively measurable behaviors.

Accordingly, psychology introduced a new definition of “the study of behavior.” This led to the conclusion that information obtained from animal experiments could be generalized to humans. The above definition was therefore expanded to include research on humans and animals. This definition was used in psychology textbooks from the 1930s to the 1960s. But with the emergence of the opinion of reproductive psychologists, the modern definition took shape. That definition is presented in terms of behavior and mental processes. None of the modern psychologists now define it as the science of the mind.

Psychology is a subject used to explore the nature of the soul. According to Aristotle, the soul is considered the basic existence and basis of life. The term soul has evolved into the mind and has recently evolved into behavior. So today psychology, unlike in the beginning, is a major field that has changed from philosophy. It has grown into various branches.

Psychologists Thomas Sitok and Marley Marias argue that psychology becomes a more empirical science because of the scientific methodology it uses. Accordingly, the following stages should be present in a scientific exploration.

  • Concepts (Observational, Theoretical, Practical and Quantitative)
  • Concepts (Observational, Theoretical, Practical and Quantitative)
  • Concepts (Observational, Theoretical, Practical and Quantitative)
  • Concepts (Observational, Theoretical, Practical and Quantitative)

Psychology is more complex than other sciences because it is a behavioral science. It takes time to learn. Although common models can often be used, it cannot be said that human behavior occurs in the same way. Therefore, psychologists need to re-examine new issues extensively.

Definitions of Psychology

“Psychology is the science of mental life, its phenomena and conditions. We are phenomena of emotion, preference, cognition, reasoning, decision, and so on. ”

William James – 1890

“Psychology is the study of what we call internal experience. We need to recognize our sensibilities and emotions, our thoughts and intentions, when the facts of natural science are completely different from the goals of external experience.

William Wundt – 1892

“Psychology to the Behaviorist is the branch of human behavior in the natural sciences. Its verbs and sayings, both learned and learned, are its subjects. ”

John b. Watson – 1919

“As a temporary definition of psychology, we can say that the problem is the scientific study of the behavior of living animals in contact with their outside world.”

Kurt Kofka – 1925

“Broadly speaking, psychology is an attempt to unravel the general laws that explain living behavior. It is an attempt to identify, describe, and classify the different types of activity that an animal or human can perform. ”

Arthur Gates – 1931

“Psychology today is generally defined as the science of behavior. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. Even personal actions, such as thinking, are now considered internal behaviors. ”

Norman Mann – 1981

“Psychology is the scientific analysis of human mental processes and memory structures to understand human behavior.”

Richard Meyer – 1981

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