What to do for us

What to do for us

Ren Descartes and his famous Cogito, Cogato, Ergo Leather (I think), the philosopher who laid the foundations of modernism. Modernism is the epitome of thought and our modern anthropology.

Today, many believe that cryptography is king and that we are wise to control our emotions. Reproductive therapy and rational behavior therapy are the most important forms of behavioral therapy in the field of mental health.

Recognizing the importance of emotion

Emotional control has become increasingly popular over time, especially in the fields of psychology and neuroscience. This phenomenon was popularized by the work of psychologist Daniel Goldman and has received considerable attention since then. Emotional intelligence is about knowing how to best use emotions to create, activate, and process their own emotions as well as those of others.

Emotion-centered therapy is one of the well-researched treatments in couple’s therapy and, as the name suggests, it focuses on each partner’s emotional experience. Antonio Damasio, a neuroscientist and emotion researcher, points out the evolutionary significance of emotion. We find that we can stop feeling when we sink.

Although many believe that our emotions are erased, we cannot. Mental health is one of the most prevalent emotions in general.

What should we do?

Below is a very simple explanation of the emotions. The emotional area of ​​our brain, called the amygdala, signals to the body we are in.

Such signs prepare us to deal with the situations we face.

A mother who puts her child at risk can be washed away by her hormones and uterine chemicals, and her body is washed away, and as a result of this physiological process, she suddenly becomes stronger, sharper and faster. Thanks to the brain structures that are emotionally involved in the safety of their child.

There are still unanswered questions about emotion. But scientists are increasingly learning to focus on this crucial aspect of our human experience.

Physical experience of emotion

To learn more about emotions, Finnish scientists report that people feel a sense of belonging in a relatively universal way across multiple cultures. Although respondents did not experience each emotion physically in the same way, the researchers found common patterns in how they felt about the underlying physical.

For example, depression triggers emotions all over the body, causing panic in the area. Happiness and love are two experiences that activate the whole body.

This research reveals a new perspective on the idea that love can heal us.

This also agrees with Damasio’s suggestion that our psychologists are consciously identifying emotional emotions based on physical sensations.

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