Émile Durkheim (French sociologist)

Émile Durkheim (French sociologist)

David Emil Durkheim was born on April 15, 1858, in Epinal, eastern France. He was a sociologist, social anthropologist and philosopher. He first introduced sociology to universities as a subject introduced by August Comte. He was one of the brightest students in the school when he was in schoolAlthough his family environment was strongly religious, he vehemently rejected traditional religious beliefs. There he was able to study the teachings of the leading philosophers, Auguste Comte. He started the first sociology course at the university He later entered the University of Paris, France, where he was promoted to professor, where he was awarded a prestigious degree in sociology from the University of Sorbonne in France.

Durkheim married Louis Dreyfus in 1887 and they had two children, Marie and Andrew.

Durkheim published The Division of Labor in Society in 1883. The original was published in the French language (DE LA DIVISION DU TRAVEL SOCIAL). Points out that socials should In 1895 he published the laws of the sociological system. In 1897 he published the book SUICIDE Suicide. Professional ethics and ethics, 1898 Collective and Individual Representation, 1899 Judgment of Reality and Judgment of Value, 1911, so be it. The subject of sociology is the golden age of sociology, as Durkheim’s professor of sociology at all of the universities he worked for, as well as his ability to nurture sociology and teach a large number of students. In 1917 he breathed his last.

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