In 1897, Emil Durkheim published a book on suicide, one of the most valuable books in sociological history, making a sociological observation on suicide, a serious social problem facing French society at the time. Suicide is classified as follows.

Selfish suicide.

Unselfish suicide.

Unusual suicides.

Destiny is suicide.

Subjective suicide

Also known as suicidal ideation.

In this case, the person who commits suicide commits suicide due to personal reasons such as inability to achieve his personal goals, lack of love and support from others, distance from a loved one, personal loneliness, shame caused by an event that affects him personally, incurable severe physical or mental illness. Suicide is one of the most common causes of suicide in the world.

Examples of such suicides are suicidal suicides due to the loss of a loved one / girlfriend, the loss of a close relative, a serious illness, or a traumatic event.

Altruistic suicide

In these suicides, he commits suicide not for his personal goals but for the success of the team he represents. Sacrificing one’s life is called altruistic suicide. Examples of such suicides are Japanese soldiers cutting off their bellies to prevent them from falling into the hands of war secret enemies. LTTE members carry out suicide bombings and other terrorist attacks in Sri Lanka. In addition, in an attempt to give rights such as education and employment to low-income earners, they set fire to the aristocracy and demanded that privileges not be given to the less privileged.

Unusual suicides

The focus in sociology has been on these heterogeneous suicides. The Greek word means lawlessness. The word anomie is a derivation of this Greek word. It leads to disorganization in the society. This leads to various criminal abuses in the society. This leads to the suicide of the oppressed people. Due to sudden changes etc.

Examples of sudden changes in social structure include the collapse of the feudal system in Western society at the time, the emergence of the capitalist economic system, the emergence of the ancient Catholic religion and the emergence of the Protestant religion.

Examples of inequalities caused by racism and conflict, such as World War II, are the number of suicides due to future inequalities. Ordinary people commit suicide due to food shortages due to war.

Traumatic events caused by natural disasters, the death of wealthy relatives and the inability to cope with the destruction of homes and property that they have built for so long have led to many suicides.

Unemployment caused by a sudden economic downturn and inequalities caused by economic hardship also lead to suicide.

Destiny is suicide

This includes suicides caused by the frustration of one’s life as a result of disruptive activities in society or in those units. The slave owner controls all the activities of the slave and sometimes does not even meet the basic needs of the slave. Slaves cannot make independent decisions. In such cases, slaves are tempted to commit suicide. In today’s society, oppressed women also commit suicide.  In the social structure as well as in the existing social culture, the only thing that can be done to get rid of the oppressive oppression of one oppressed group is to commit suicide when it is not allowed.


Emile Durkheim introduced the basic form of religion as Totemism. It is believed that the port has a supernatural power. Durkheim made this suggestion after conducting anthropological research on aruntas living in Australia. An example of such a port could be an animal bone or such a body part, a plant, a human bone or such a body part.

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