The importance of choosing psychology as a subject for a degree

The importance of choosing psychology as a subject for a degree

Today, the world is facing a number of complex problems due to new discoveries made in scientific research, including information and communication technology. Cures have been found for many diseases in the world. Among them physical illnesses as well as mental illnesses play a major role. One in five Americans suffers from a mental illness called depression. While many so-called developed countries suffer from such mental distress, Sri Lanka as a developing country in the Third World is slowly moving towards economic, social and spiritual decline. Today we are slightly ahead of countries like Somalia and Ethiopia due to the good fortune of natural resources. But in another half century we will face a host of serious problems. Due to the recent economic downturn, some government jobs have been vacated. There are many young people in Sri Lanka who have lost their jobs in the private sector after the recent terrorist attack. So the subject you are studying for a degree must definitely have practical value to the country and your future. I suggest you do not choose psychology as a subject if all the problems of the people are solved and there is a happy future without any problems but more and more people are working day and night with huge problems. So your degree should be a subject that people in this country can work on. Psychology is currently defined as the science that studies human life. Psychology is the study of life. Before you are born, sin enters the mind from the womb. The mind struggles to live until the day your death happens. So if there is one field in the world that the mind can address, it is number one, psychology. So if you choose psychology for your degree and work hard as a subject, you do not need to suffer without a job. Here I would like to point out to you the many job opportunities available in Sri Lanka for someone studying Psychology as a subject.

* Divisional Secretariat (Two Counseling Officers / Two Social Service Officers / Child Rights Promotion Officer / Divisional Child Protection Officer / Women’s Affairs Officer / Early Childhood Development Officer / Three Foreign Affairs Officers / Elder Officer)

* School Counseling (Teachers must have studied Psychology to become a teacher in national schools and provincial schools / primary schools, must have studied Educational Psychology for compulsory Diploma in Education, must have studied Educational Psychology for College Teachers and start a Psychology and School Protection subject)

* National Child Protection Authority (District Child Protection Officer / District Psychiatric Officers / Regional Child Protection Officer / Head Office of the Child Protection Authority having many job opportunities)

* Counselors / Assistant Counselors of the Dangerous Drugs Control Board)

* Probation Officer (Community Correction Officer / Judicial Family Counseling

* Recruitment of Psychological Counselors / Psychologists / Clinical Psychologists for the Tri-Forces Navy Infantry Air Tri-Forces)

* Psychiatric Social Service Officer of the Ministry of Health)

* Labor Officer * Numerous positions in NGOs and the private sector, especially the garment industry based consultants, in addition to the future m.o.h. In addition to recruiting a lot of people who study psychology in places where people have a lot of mental problems, such as in the office, having studied psychology as a subject will undoubtedly become a basic and additional qualification for any job you choose. Did you know that many second year undergraduate students do not know that a second year student who is currently studying for an external degree has got an assistant counseling position in the public sector. There are many more things to mention here, but I will point out to you the importance of a practical subject.

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