Psychology Subject field of psychology

Subject field of psychology

A new revival in the field of psychology began in the 1950s. As more and more research is done and the field expands, the subject of psychology is evolving into different disciplines, new genres, and specialized fields. The broader field of psychology can be understood by considering the fields in which psychologists are currently practicing …

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Psychology The nature of psychology

The nature of psychology

It is no secret that the Times has made great efforts to understand the human mind since ancient times. Great geses, such as Pythagoras, Plato, and Aristotle, who lived in the early Greek period of Western philosophy, referred to the soul in addition to the physical process and the mental process that influences it. In …

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Psychology Smoking and drug use cause brain injury

Smoking and drug use cause brain injury

Excessive alcohol and alcohol consumption can lead to isolated and occasional neurological and physical activation of diseases such as tobacco and alcoholism. In June 2005, at a meeting of the Alcohol Research Association in Santa Barbara, California, they examined the neuroscience and activity of the brain affected by smoking and alcoholism. Professor Dieter J., a …

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Psychology How does our brain store data

How does our brain store data

When storing data from a table to a file, it is easy to retrieve that data by following our own specific methods. How does your brain store data? The 1.5 kg film on the human skull is dedicated to the process of storing all human experience and retrieving it from that database when needed. Neuroscientists …

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Psychology Not to forget the memory. . .

Not to forget the memory. . .

‘What would our life be like if we didn’t remember anything? When we get up every morning and look in the mirror, we may forget that our face is in the mirror. The events of yesterday are not remembered today and the events of today are not remembered tomorrow. —MYSTERIES OF THE MIND. Think for …

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Psychology How to distinguish between romance and other forms of love

How to distinguish between romance and other forms of love

When you are in love, chemicals enter your brain and when you and your boyfriend are together you have an emotional effort, a sense of wonder, a desire and an inspiration. An old story about romantic feelings describes romantic feelings. Many people who are in the middle of a romantic relationship need to be with …

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Psychology Suicide


In 1897, Emil Durkheim published a book on suicide, one of the most valuable books in sociological history, making a sociological observation on suicide, a serious social problem facing French society at the time. Suicide is classified as follows. Selfish suicide. Unselfish suicide. Unusual suicides. Destiny is suicide. Subjective suicide Also known as suicidal ideation. …

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Psychology Émile Durkheim (French sociologist)

Émile Durkheim (French sociologist)

David Emil Durkheim was born on April 15, 1858, in Epinal, eastern France. He was a sociologist, social anthropologist and philosopher. He first introduced sociology to universities as a subject introduced by August Comte. He was one of the brightest students in the school when he was in schoolAlthough his family environment was strongly religious, …

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Psychology Why sleep is mandatory?

Why sleep is mandatory?

The relationship between health, sleep and anxiety Dr. Daniel Capek is a sleep specialist at the Saripip Clinic in La Jolla, California. He has tested the absoluteness of a wide range of studies. Sleep deprivation and sleep disorders are serious health problems. Between 50 and 70 million Americans have decided not to sleep anywhere. Sleep …

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Psychology Anxiety


Survey of young adult mental health The Mental Health and Suicide Survey is an online survey to evaluate mental health and suicide awareness in the United States. On behalf of the American Association for Anxiety and Depression, the American Foundation for Suicide and the National Action Coalition for the Prevention of Suicide were governed by …

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